Campsite activities

Looking for festive and convivial holidays at campsite les Sables Blancs in Concarneau, in south-Finistère ? Here is the events program.

Campsite holidays without any events are not real holidays ! That is why the whole camping team will organise many events throughout the season.

During the day :

  • Bikes rental
  • Canoes rental (depending on the weather)
  • Heated swimming-pool with bubbling bath and spa (closed of September 15th)
  • French ball tournament (once a week)
  • Babyfoot, pingpong
  • Pool

In the evening :

  • Mussels-Fries (once a week)
  • Karaoke night (once a week)
  • Disco night (alterning with karaoke)
  • Concerts
  • Night swimming pool (once a week)
  • Interville camping, concert or show (once during the summer)
  • Pool, until the reception is closed