Cape Sizun and Douarnenez

Cape Sizun, is the prow of west Cornwall.

The Pointe du Raz, a major site in France, is the emblem of the region and opens the way to a dense heritage: the harbor harbors, the Audierne fishing port (where the Sein Island shuttle will be taken) The small town of character of Pont-Croix on the banks of the river Goyen, mills and wind turbines on the north coast.

There, the customs path along the cliffs will offer you magnificent views towards the peninsula of Crozon.

The country of Douarnenez : Douarnenez is resolutely turned towards the sea with three ports, many regattas, a famous maritime feast, a port Museum, a thalassotherapy center and especially a blue fish that has made its history: sardine. Poullan-sur-Mer, Pouldergat, Le Juch and Kerlaz that border it, are discovered through hiking trails or equestrian but also through a religious heritage that will have its circuit starting in July 2008.