The Glénan islands

Welcome to Paradise ! The Breton islands of Glénan have nothing to envy, in beauty, their sisters of the Pacific. The water is the clearest in Brittany.

Les Glenan, the enchanted archipelago! During a break out of time, you disembark at Saint Nicolas, the largest of the twelve islands of the archipelago. Here is paradise. The water is said to be the clearest in Brittany, what a pleasure to bathe there, even if it is cold! Two companies, the Vedettes de l'odet and the stars Glenn propose different formulas to visit the archipelago.

The sailing school and the nautical center are also famous all over the world, and if you are lucky enough to visit the island in April, lulu the nature guide of Fouesnant, will take you to the reserve where the narcissi Glénan, unique in the world and saved in extremes in the 1980s. See the site dedicated to the archipelago: