Sein and Ouessant

A TRIP TO SEIN : It is an island out of the world, out of time. The island of Sein is a unique place, isolated in its gangue of reefs and its vapors of spray, which was formerly submerged by the ocean. Man has clung to it like a bernic since prehistory, as protected from the rest of the world by the ferocity of its environment.

Situated at the entrance of the English Channel and passing through maritime routes, the island of Sein was renowned for its shipwreckers and rescuers.

The approaches to the island of Sein abound with reefs and wrecks, and the lighthouses of Sein Island and Ar Men guide the ships with their reassuring clusters.

In contrast to this grandiose nature, human presence is remarkable for its generosity and solidarity. Among other curiosities, we will still meet some women wearing the "jibilinenn", black headdress of mourning adopted in 1886 during the last epidemic of cholera.

It will be noted that the island of Sein is exempt from all land taxes, meager compensation for the harshness of island life.

The proverb says, "Who sees Sein sees his end". Go ahead without fear, you will find authenticity.

OUESSANT : The discovery of the island makes it possible to observe vast areas of vegetation with rich colors and varied.

Gorse and heather have become the masterpiece since the 1950s following the decline in agricultural activity. The different panoramic points, starting from Lampaul Pern tip: observation of the lighthouse of the Nividic. At the western extremity of the island, it extends into the ocean by rocks and reefs, from which the waves come. Keller Island: In 1976, the Olympic Bravery, a 278,000-tonne oil tanker, ran aground near Yusin Bay, opposite Keller.

The 1100 tons of fuel contained in its bunkers polluted the insular coastline. Keller Island is a private island.

Cadoran: view of the bay of Beninou and the island of Keller. It is in this sector, counting on chance and chance that the gray seal can be observed. The colony of gray seals of Molène and Ushant is the most southern and the only one in France.

Penn ar Roc'h: view of the Fromveur pass. Access by the winding and picturesque Ty-corn road, with views of the bay of Lampaul and the lighthouse of the Mare.

Porz Coret: view of the bay of Lampaul ("the crab claw"), and on the rock Youc'h Korz.