Pont Aven, city of painters

The commune of Pont-Aven is a commune close to the Atlantic coast bordered to the east by the river Aven. The small town of Pont-Aven is situated at the edge of this river, where it widens into an estuary.

The waters of the river slip through a chaos of enormous rocks before reaching the sea.

Formerly the waters of the Aven had many mills in the small town. They are at the origin of the saying: Pont-Aven, city of renown, 14 mills, 15 houses.
The commune of Pont-Aven also includes vast portions of non-urbanized territory that belonged to the commune of Nizon before it merged in 1954 with that of Pont-Aven. Numerous villages dot this area. The village of Nizon, former chief town of commune, constitutes the second agglomeration in importance. To the north of the town, overlooking the Aven, is the Bois d'Amour.

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