Bénodet, pearl of Cornwall

Bénodet, it is the millennial Brittany. A luminous Brittany, adorned with its finest attires, who sings, dances its traditions on joyful tones
It is also an exceptional patrimony shaped by men and the sea. Landscapes of postcards that follow the horizon of Cornwall. Old impassive stones that tell in their language the history of the time and the distant legends.

Bénodet on the sea side:

Bénodet is a hymn to the ocean. At the river. This maritime tradition borders on the art of living. Such a precious legacy that connects generations of sailors. Let yourself be lulled by this passion.

Wake up to the sea-wolf in you and discover high-end amenities such as the marina and thalassotherapy. Enjoy the sandy beaches, its sheltered bay, these fabulous escapades to the Glénan, paradise of the sails. Follow the peaceful waves of the Odet. It guides you to the essentials: happiness.

Bénodet leisure:

In Bénodet, leisure is king! Sailing, kayaking, golf, tennis, horseback riding, hiking, ... sportsmen and women of all ages give themselves to joy. Sea and nature baths, escape and relaxation, Bénodet lends itself to all the desires of discovery. Bénodet adds a cultural touch to this sporting palette with its cinema, its library, its numerous concerts and animations.

Sources: Official city site